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Workshop Infinity - custom hand made furniture from Serbia.
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Welcome to Workshop Infinity, an independent interior decoration and furniture production studio.

Our passion for architecture and interior design allowed us to stand behind numerous successful interiors worldwide, both residential and hospitality premises. Our interiors are renowned for exquisite design and their functional layout, which provides the comfort and ease of use and maintenance.

Except interiors, we are also designing and producing furniture lines, as well as individual pieces of custom made furniture, which we consider to be true art. Our furnishings are characterized by their impeccable styling, based on technically flawless finish, masterfully shaped into a settled and sophisticated design.

At Workshop Infinity, we are proud to say that we are collaborating with talented and skilled carpenters, artisan and builders, and also using the finest materials and working equipment. In this multidisciplinary and collaborative practice in which the creativity and knowledge are closely intertwined, we aspire to be different and to offer only top quality results to our clients.

Commitment to excellence, responsibility, integrity and most importantly to our customers is the foundation of our business. We are inspired by our clients’ satisfaction and we approach every project with a dedication to offer our knowledge, resources and our best service to meet clients’ wishes.

Our mission is to create world class interiors and furnishings tailored to your specific needs, desires and life style, and in that way shape people’s life through our practice.


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